Vadim Davidyan

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Vadim Davidyan

Vice President & Entrepreneur

Starting at the tender age of 10, Vadim showed the entrepreneurial spirit that seems to run deep in the Davidyan family. After running his own small business doing landscaping for his neighbors, he later began working for his brother in the shop doing everything from replacing tires, brakes, and engines, to repairing body work on the vehicles.

Later when his brother started driving commercially, he went along on the cross-country trips learning all that such a career had to offer. Now at the age of 21, he already owns three tractor/trailers, and is half owner of Expo Logistics. Speaking of his experiences growing up, he says “I’m looking back at all that hard work I’ve done through the years, and I have to say it was all worth it! It made me who I am today. I always strive to be a young, yet kind-hearted entrepreneur.”

Like his brother, Vadim has always desired to give back to those in need. “We worked hard and now we can actually do something that will help others around us” says Vadim. He goes on to say “I’m thankful to God for where I am today and I’m glad to be a part of Life And Hope Charitable Outreach.”