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Aurel Davidyan

President & Co-Founder

Located in Wood Village Oregon, Aurel (pronounced “Oral”) came to the United States when he was only four years old. One of six children, he was forced to stop school when he was 15 years to work odd jobs and help the family.

At the age of 20, Aurel started his own trucking company that has grown to a fleet of 350 trucks in just a few short years. Truck Depot and Expo Logistics have some of the biggest companies in the world as customers. Customers such as Boeing Aerospace, Walmart, Target, Costco, WinCo, Kroeger, and Fred Meyers.

Not just satisfied with creating a business for himself though, Aurel then created a system where owner-operators that are just starting out can purchase a truck/trailer with his help. He will then schedule all the work the new owner/operator would ever want to pay off the truck, while simultaneously making a VERY good living.

Now … his latest endeavor is the creation of Life and Hope Charitable Outreach. With the mission statement of “By Showing Kindness To Strangers, We Create A Better World“, this foundation is dedicated to helping those that find themselves in great need through no fault of their own. This is all done through disaster relief and assistance rendered directly, or through other deserving charitable organizations such as the Red Cross.