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Andrei Vlad

CFO & Co-Founder

Drive, Determination, and Passion. These are three words that best describe Andrei, a young man with an uncommon energy to succeed.

Starting at only 16 years old, Andrei stepped in and took over the family trucking business after his father suffered a serious motor vehicle accident that left him with a broken leg, ribs and head trauma. Listening closely to the tutoring of his father, he soon focused his energies on not only assisting the family with making a living but then refining it into a business powerhouse.

Unlike his teenage contemporaries, he saved every dollar he made until he was able to submit a large down payment on a warehouse facility where he now loads and offloads 300 to 500 trucks a month in a very successful trucking, dispatch, and logistics company.

Not just satisfied with the success of the family business, he also works with Aurel and Vadim Davidyan and their companies Truck Depot and Expo Logistics.