Life and Hope Charitable Outreach was founded by Aurel Davidyan. A young and yet very successful man. Aurel came to America, with his family, at the tender age of five years old. Having to stop school at the age of 15, due to family responsibilities, Aurels dreams continued to live in his heart. As soon as Aurel could, he pursued his dream with the tenacity, verve, and vigor that few today have.

Fast forward, Mr. Davidyan now stands at the helm of a very successful trucking company after working hard. Having created both a private company in the logistics industry and a dual working non profit that serves the transportation industry by supplying safe parking for trucks in unison with many federal and state department of transportation offices which enables the donations of both time and monies through life and hope relief. Thinking back on his life, and appreciating the country that has made so much possible for him, he has now decided to “pay it forward”, and give help those who desperately need it.

The goals of Life and Hope Charitable Outreach is best summed up by its mission statement:

By Showing Kindness To Strangers, We Create A Better World

Well before he made his fortunes, Aurel would often see entire families that were completely homeless and destitute. Though his heart was breaking at seeing the plight of the children in this condition, and though he may not have been unable to help them with much, he still tried. A meal here, or a toy there was all he could do, but he resolved in his heart that he would do more one day if he ever could.

Unlike many, now that he is in a position to help he is following through with that promise he made to God and himself so long ago. With the help of his beautiful wife and two children, he has created Life and Hope Charitable Outreach, an organization dedicated to showing kindness and assisting those who can’t help themselves. In today’s age of massive and destructive disasters, both natural and man-made, the goal of Life and Hope Charitable Outreach is twofold.

To organize as many donations and supplies as possible, and to deliver them directly to those in dire need.

To assist charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, etc. and fill any gaps that may exist in their services.

Life and Hope Charitable Outreach will not only continue to raise capital that will be converted into real and usable supplies to be delivered into the field, it will also continually evaluate other charitable organizations and select those that deliver the most goods to the field with a minimum of administrative costs.

With the goal of building an organization that has a worldwide reach, Life and Hope Charitable Outreach is dedicated to operating with the smallest overhead as possible. Aurel has himself chosen to operate the charity without paying himself. He is THAT DEDICATED to the cause!

Our Team

Aurel Davidyan
Aurel Davidyan
President & Co-Founder
Andrei Vlad
Andrei Vlad
CFO & Co-Founder
Vadim Davidyan
Vadim Davidyan
Vice President & Entrepreneur